Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nothing Spectacular...

But I've been looking through the old pictures. I refashioned this shirt for my little girl. It was the cutest fitting shirt from the Gap and they no longer carried them. It was bright orange and it wasn't fitting her anymore....soooo I dyed it (it was supposed to be red) and it turned out this salmon-like color..Then I folded some fabric, ironed it, and sewed it on (quite badly actually).

Now it's way longer and will fit her for a few more months--it took a little effort but I wanted to see if I could succesfully dye something.
and P.S. I know it looks crooked--it's not.
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Super B said...

so cute. so cute.

Jill Bagley said...

thats awesome that you did that.
i always try doing stuff like that. when you just love something, you want to hang on to it. i wish it wasnt such a pain in the butt though. why does the red always turn out salmon? that happened to me too.
you should try doing it with vinegar or something. i hear that is suppose to work. love seeing your crafts!!!