Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What if...

See my brown sofa? please don't judge the lack of color or decor..this was our last place and we never got around to decorating it all...I was teaching full time and at the end pregnant with my little girl so this is what the family room (off the kitchen) looked like. Anyway
This sofa is Fantastic. it's as deep as a twin mattress..insanely comfy but it needs to be reupholstered. When that happens, should I keep it dark brown (since it is a family room couch)
or..should I just have a long cushion made for it..and make a ton of pillows for the back like the sofa below. The only problem with kids and lots of pillows is they always end up on the floor.
What say you?
Posted by PicasaImportant Note....TV's should not be hung this high (in my opinion) this was to keep it safe from the kiddos..I so need something for under that TV. I may have the perfect thing already. Pics to come. ◦

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Jill Bagley said...

we just hung our tv on our fireplace. i fought with jason about wether or not to do it for months ( maybe years :) and we really like it now. we had the wires put through the chimney and out side under the eves of our house. it looks cool . its the speakers i HATE!! they are so ugly . of corse--a man designed them. why couldnt a gay man have designed them?---then they actually might be cool and functional---built into a peice of furniture or something.