Friday, March 13, 2009

Things to Love

If you're in bed like me because you have what feels like the beginning of the Flu or death as you know can watch all episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore Show on Hulu. Click here. I am so in love with this show that it might make this illness enjoyable. The clothes, the apartment...the girls..all so stinkin' awesome-- but Cloris Leachman...what a fox she was. I love her.

Now i just need some dark chocolate m&m's a cranberry limeade from sonic and maybe some french fries and I'll be in heaven. Except have I mentioned I also have some sort of canker sore in my mouth that makes it almost impossible to drink even water. Yah! oh p.s. I have no insurance--what are Dr's prescribing these days for the flu or pneumonia or bronchitis or death that I can possibly acquire illegally or otherwise. Any thoughts dear readers?

Happy Weekend. ◦

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Super B said...

I am not sure what dr's are prescribing and I don't know how to get a hold of it...
Russ has the same thing though. He missed 2 days of work and has been sick for 4 already. He is still really congested and coughing and has a slight fever...uuugh!
I just hope you both get better, and fast.