Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cheap Clothes

Cheap Clothes are like junk food. Ultimately you know it's not the best thing for you, in the long run you might regret it, but they offer a quick fix and satisfy the craving.

Last months lucky mag featured the cutest seersucker skirt from none other than Kmart so I went online to hunt it down. I didn't find it, but look what I found..
Jacquart Skirt $4.99 For this price I might be willing to take a chance.
Sheath dress $29.99 not super cheap by kmart standards but this could be so cute.

These sandals are from the Gap (ruffle sandals) in the store they are $14.99 I loved them in black.

This is one of many cute belts at forever 21. This one sells for $9.80 and would be so cute with a simple skinny jeans a white tunic (or even a button down shirt) and my blue t-strap sandals.

The options out there are endless--and we've all heard it before, the trendier the style the lower the investment should be. I try to save my money for good jeans, a nice bag, and leather shoes.


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