Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Look where we were...

We took a 4 day mini-vacation to Disney World last week. It was magic! It was the first time for all of us and we loved every part of it. This was around the end of the night, right before the fireworks and before our big dinner with the characters--at this point we had nearly been on all the rides.

We met up with our good friends/cousins who coincidentally took their trip at the same time.
We were all giddy when we saw this upon entering. Magic I tell you.
See what I mean giddy. And they hadn't even had sugar yet.

We even had front row seats to the character parade. (if you've never been and need a tip--The best spot is right across the street from the bakery) we were in the shade the whole time..arrive an hour early and feed your kids a bunch of fruit snacks or send someone to buy icecream while you wait--they didn't even notice the wait) This was our grand finale for the trip...we had dinner at the Crystal Palace with the characters. The kids were so tired and hungry that I really didn't even think they'd care at this point, and of course Isabelle didn't. Daniel on the other hand who was asleep,resting his head on his dad's lap was thrilled to be woken up to meet these guys--it always surprises me just how sweet and innnocent he still is. He said Eeyore was funny but we loved Tiger. (another tip definitely do a character meal, but schedule it for lunch or breakfast, this was brutal) It was nice to stay in too we did a lot of swimming, golfing, and resort activities...but downtown Disney was also very cool and worth the trip ..
Here's Daniel in Legoland and below it's me and the kids again. (after reading a ton of reviews and advice we felt we should try the Ghirardelli store for ice cream (which was good except the peanut ingestion scare) and had dinner at rainforest cafe where a giant Gorilla scared my kids throughout the meal..the food was ok but Daniel had a blast with the periodic jungle rainstorms)Besides jumping on the bed in the hotel and staying up late to watch the Disney Channel, the only thing that made the trip sweeter for Daniel was getting a silly little toy (1 souvenir only!) on the way out of Disney World. For us it was getting to spend the next day eating and swimming with one of our dearest friends from Utah. ( I even snuck a little trip to Ikea, Winter Park and Millenia Mall (mainly for Crate & Barrel)

We had a such a great time. The next day I asked Daniel if he told his friends in kindergarten about his trip and he said, it's too long the story mom, and he's right. I'm still smiling at all the little moments we had, I just hope he remembers it all. There's nothing like the first time.


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MaryBeth said...

You al looked like you had a great time, it truly is a magical place. MB