Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bring on the Sunshine....

Yes I know April is known for it's showers. But I was feeling the need for sunshine yesterday. I put on my White linen pants and a loose Navy shirt and pretended I lived on the beach. I went to the market (aka Target...go with me on this one) and proceeded to pick out the smoothest and heaviest little limes I could find, picked up an overpriced watermelon and helped my 5 year old pick out a birthday present for his friend's party. I rushed home and made Martha's Key Lime Pie. It was incredible. Delicious. And I even had to substitute regular limes for Key limes. I figured it was OK and actually got me thinking about cooking, and in life. So often we have to substitute with what we've been dealt instead of what we planned or wished for, and for me anyway, what I've been dealt, although not pretty Key Limes, is just as good and sometimes even better. In the end I got my sunshine.

A little deep to tell you about pie, but, bear with me please, I'm on a little quest right now to find light and sunshine, in whatever form it takes. And although I've been in a constant April in my life for quite sometime, I'm looking forward to those May flowers. Even if I have to grow them myself. ◦

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