Friday, April 3, 2009

Handmade Easter Gifts

Betz White has a tutorial for these adorable cashmere Bunnies--although I think they'd be great with any sweater and/or fabric combination.
This chick is from molly chicken. I want to make an oversize version of this for my little girl's basket.
This is just pretty and reminded me of Spring. I would put several of these on a buffet table, or on an entry table saying Welcome to our nest...hee hee..

Oh and this last idea I don't have a picture of, but I picked up some plain orange fabric to sew into a huge carrot for my kids baskets and fill with Jelly beans and twizzlers ( not a traditional Easter treat but a favorite around here) I'm gonna use some green ribbon to tie around it. I also thought of making mini carrots to hand out to friends kids at our annual Egg Hunt.

Funny Note:I took a Myers Briggs personality test and these are the first few sentences.."Guardians of birthdays, holidays and celebrations, ESFJs are generous entertainers. They enjoy and joyfully observe traditions and are liberal in giving, especially where custom prescribes." Hilarious and so so true.

I'm either an ESFJ my husband who I've always known to be my complete opposite is an ISTP which is literally completely opposite. ◦

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