Friday, April 3, 2009

Product Review

The Foogo sippy cup is THE BEST sippy cup period. My little girl still drinks lots of milk in a sippy cup and she has destroyed (chewed through) almost every sippy cup out there. She needs a soft spout strong enough to withstand her teeth and this little cup does the job--there is nothing worse than finding milk puddles on the bed..(Did I ever tell you I don't drink milk, I haven't for like 15 years. I hate it. in fact I have an aversion to most white food...sour cream, mayo, plain yogurt..ick)

Back to the cup. It's made by the thermos people so It also keeps the milk cold, and it's stainless instead of plastic which is a huge plus...odors, wear & tear etc Plastic cups also don't wear very well and this cup still looks brand new, all the parts are made of an indestructible heavy duty plastic that doesn't even seem to get scratched.

Ok so the downside is that it cost $16 (you can get them at Target or here) but with this only need one. Seriously. I love this thing. ◦

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