Thursday, July 30, 2009

More of Summer

We moved! To a very small but very cozy little townhome. We're still debating moving back West or North or nowhere...this is the perfect spot for us to think in.
We have A LOT of furniture, lots of chairs, more armoires than any one family should ever need, and a it kinda looks like a used furniture store but we've already filled one whole room in my mom's house with stuff we can't fit in so we're making things fit, even it means walking around furniture. I'll show you all an after once I find my camera (tears have been shed folks).
We've also been reading a lot. Our weekly trips to the library have been super succesful. Have you read The Library Mouse?..great little book.
I've also been baking. Lots.
This little chair is one of my favorite things. I need a slipcover for it though.
The kids are sharing a room, which means I've had to put away some great little things I've been collecting for Isabelle..a chandelier, some fabrics, etc..thankfully Daniel has white bunkbeds so it works great for the kids. (pics to come) Those little red chairs are getting painted white too. So yeah. lots of fighting and fort building going on in this little room.
Our favorite thing so far has been playing at home. It's been either pouring rain or blazing hot so we've been spending lots of time on this couch. Have I mentioned I love chocolate brown with stark white. Not shabby white. Glossy, shiny, clean white. I plan on getting some white shelves for above this couch.

Ok so I've got to go. I have 3 girlfriends over and were chatting about a dress appropriate for a wedding.



windhula said...

Where did you find that lovely pink throw? I've been looking for one just like it. Please share!

Haydee said...

walmart! can you believe it..super cheap too.

SummerB said...

Lots of info to comment: wow, yum, cute, good for you, love it, white will look great, bummer, and very cool.

Laguna Mommy said...

your blog is better than ever!! these pics of all your gorgeous furniture make me miss you!! xo Heather