Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Catch up..

So..we kicked off Summer with a Birthday Party for Daniel who turned 6! SIX! unreal.
Daniel is OBSESSED with all things Star Wars, so, using inspiration from a party I saw featured on Cookie magazine's blog we came up with

I used Bubble swords as lightsabers (green =master jedi)
Fabulous burlap costumes with thick brown satin ribbon as belts were given to each child upon arriving.
We also had tons of food a bouncy house and of course Jedi training with a challenge to defeat Darth Vader (AKA Daniel's dad)
And in the end, as we've done every year for the last 3 years we let the helium balloons take flight along with birhtday wishes.
It was a total success.

P.S. I'd post more pics but then there's the question of people possibly not wanting to have their childrens faces up on my public blog..
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windhula said...

BRILLIANT IDEA! You're so creative. Want to see more pics on how you orchestrated a Jedi-themed party!

Leslie said...

oh my gosh the bubble light sabers are so clever!