Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Corners of my Home

This is the master bedroom. I need better pictures--we have an antique armoire in here and a great lamp I spray painted white with a linen shade and I also hung linen curtains.
This is a $7 corkboard from Target. I stapled linen on it (no batting obviously) and used upholstery nailhead trim from Michaels (it only took 2 small boxes) and now it hangs on my upstairs landing for my kids art. This was an easy and inexpensive project.

and this is one of two chairs I bought on craigslist. They're on either side of the piano...what color should I paint them? black or white? I need advice here. ◦


windhula said...

Love all of it! Love those wing chairs with the black lamp between them. Beautiful contrast. I'm defintely going to have to try the nail head cork board. My vote for the craiglist chair is white. Love your style.

windhula said...

P.S. Where did you get the yellow "T"?

Haydee said...

The letter T is from Joanns. It comes in craft paper brown. I wanted to do something cooler, but I was bored and had some craft paint on hand. I'm in love with yellow lately.

Leslie said...

Love that large yellow "T"

windhula said...

One more question...sorry. I just bought a couple of wing chairs off Craigslist (which are hideous blue). I noticed your are slipcovered. Did you make those slipcovers yourself or have them made? I can sew a straight line but wingbacks are very curvy...I'm afraid they may be beyond my sewing level (or patience).

Haydee said...

Michelle--questions are always welcome--they make me feel like less of a nut job for posting such self-indulgent cr..stuff.
I had the slipcovers made, I bought and prewashed (preshrunk) the fabric and the woman charged me less than $400 for both --to be honest I don't even think they look as good as they should (I had an AMAZING girl in Utah) but they do have a zipper down the back and I wash them regularly. White is so easy--my secret is bleach or oxy clean and during the rinse cycle I pour almost an entire bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the wash. They stay Super white. Anyway. I used a sort of white demin I got a joanns with a 40% off coupon. I cant wait to see how your turn out. Another big thing which you probably know is to be sure to ask for the welting, or piping..whatever..it makes the biggest difference.
Good Luck with yours.