Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Plate Wall

Coming soon to a wall near me. I may add more white (maybe near the squares?)I found myself telling my friend the other day, I will never feel fully happy about my house until I have a plate wall(even with the long list of things I need to make/buy/paint)--I have no idea why? maybe becayse one of my few and earliest memories of living in the Dominican republic is the massive plate wall my mom had . There were a ton of plates, all hand painted by her, all gorgeous. The front room they were in (I think front room) had cane & wicker furniture with beautiful fabric, I think blue & white..anyway. I LOVE plate walls.
On a different note. I saw Julie & Julia, the first show (at midnight) It was so good. There is so much that is so good about cooking....and eating.

P.S. I am well aware some plates are crooked.(pattern wise) I apologize to both you. ◦


Jerusalem said...

oh I love a great plate wall! so homey! congrats on yours : ) Wes aw Julie & Julia last night and I don't think I had a dry eye the whole movie - I cannot wait till it comes out on DVD!

Leslie said...

I'm dying to see your plate wall, but I can't view the photo. bummer!

Super B said...

I love it! They are gorgeous plates too!

windhula said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! That blue and gold are so gorgeous! Nice pop of color.