Friday, September 18, 2009

Home Projects Update

Thanks for the comments and advice--I love them all. I think for the setee I'm still undecided but everything else has been decided and I can't wait to get started. I had my son choose a number and the winner is Shelley! Please email me your mailing address (tampaorganizer(at) for a little package from me. Thanks for playing..all 5 of you. My traffic reports I'm now convinced are bogus.

Sorry for the Fuzzy picture. I sold our dining was too mission style for me..and bought this one on craigslist for $50. It was a nightmare to paint. Let me clarify about that for those curious you can paint with latex paint over oil based primer. In fact that's ideal. What you should never do is oil paint on oil primer..or something like that. Anyway paint was only peeling in one little area, the table looked a lot better once I stepped away from it for a day or so. I'm still not 100% happy and as you can see below I still have 3 chairs to finish. The chairs are in terrible condition (which stinks because I really like them) so we might do the ikea chairs seen below (2nd pic) or something simple and more modern to avoid a too country look..

I also painted the chairs by the piano (the piano will be painted tomorrow...I'm going with black) those were a NIGHTMARE..I got so much paint on the fabric..I had to scrub the fabric clean for hours..they need to be resanded and repainted or sold. We'll see. But they sure are pretty.
This was by far the easiest of all..and made a big big difference. I spray painted the legs on the wingbacks black and I love them.
I have more to show so stay tuned.



Michelle (Three Men and a Lady) said...

That newly painted table takes my breathe away. Nice choice on the white! Are you going to keep the setee the same or upholster? Just love the lines on it. Where did you say you got it?

Haydee said...

Oh Michelle..your approval means so much I'm so glad you like it! I was going for a clean sharp look..not shabbied and not too country. So glad you like the white. I got the table and settee on craigslist..I'm definitely reupholstering the setee I got an amazing quote from a great local upholsterer. I'm still trying to decide on fabric. I Kinda wanna go bold, but I decided to go bold on my big brown sofa..I want the setee to be good in a lot of different spaces so somewhat neutral but bold.
What do you think?