Friday, September 18, 2009

Kids books

I copied this idea from ohdeedoh. This was so so cheap and so so easy to do. I plan on using these raingutters for a picture ledge. The hardware used to mount them creates a little shelf and allows for a piece of wood to sit in it. The piece of raingutter cost around $6 I had them cut in in half. The harware was about $6 for a bag and I have 3 left--enough for 1 more. and the end caps were jst over $1 a piece.
Total Cost: About $16

And yes this is my landing upstairs. I have to use every inch of space in this tiny place. ◦


Super B said...

Cute idea.
Your table looks great too!!

Michelle (Three Men and a Lady) said...

Who'd a thunk it...rain gutters!? I love it! So economical, yet so cute and functional! I might have to try that out!

Lara said...

I actually really love it for the books! What a smart idea! I'm wondering where I can use it in my house.

Kera said...

what a grrrrrrrrrrreat idea! Thanks for your comment~ nice to meet you!