Friday, January 15, 2010

Chairs Chairs Chairs

Chairs I do adore...
Name that song...except it's not chairs.
I have a problem.
An addiction.
To chairs.
Besides a massive sofa, two smaller matching sofas and a settee, I own.....10 chairs (not counting dining chairs, two awesome outdoor chairs I should show you sometime..two kids chairs currently not in the house since they're being painted..and the 5 at my mom's)
settle in for a long post..
*Disclaimer: I am NOT a hoarder. In fact I get rid of things too easily. There are a few things I have a lot of beauty products, lamps, picture frames, shoes, books..ok maybe more than a few things..but they're organized and I can stop whenever I want. I can. Becca, Summer,,help me out here you read the blog and you've seen every inch of my house..

My latest. My mom bought me these two channel back chairs...Love them, and I love that they're not super popular. The wood will get painted and the fabric will be one of the above or charcoal velvet and white for the wood..not sure....maybe...opinions welcome..

This red one is and old Ethan Allen chair...I've had it for a long long time. It is super comfortable and sits in our little reading area. My kids sit on it almost everyday.I got it from the girl  used to do my slipcovers in Utah..she was amazing. If I could remember her name..I'd get a group of friends together and fly her out to do all our slipcovers. Her Slipcovers are perfect!

This little one is adorable..also Ethan Allen. I got a good deal (at least I think so). This chair is small but mighty.. I sit on it all the time..the kids watch TV on it or scoot it up to their table.. needs a slipcover though.I'm thinking blue &and white ticking.

The Rocking Chair. Because every house needs one. This is where I sit while my daughter screams..don't leave my room mommy..almost every night.

You've seen theses two many times. Love them. One day will have them reupholstered and will only use the white slipcovers in the Spring and Summer. One day. BTW..i know that picture on the wall is lonely..I've had  a box full of frames waiting to be hung for the last oh..5 months..and I'm already planning the next move. Maybe in my next place.
I just got this one...$5. Vintage and has a sticker that says Stendig. I think that's supposed to mean something except I really don't care. It's adorable and just got painted black. So far my little girl likes to drag it in the kitchen and climb on it to help me cook. today it's holding pretty books.

This one I could do without honestly. Although my daughter uses it to climb my bed..and one day could sit near an entry table for tying shoes or putting my purse on.....This was a dining chair. I bought the wrong's a little too small in scale for what I wanted. I'm thinking I may die the slipcover dark (black or Navy) and add some detail with grosgrain ribbon..someday maybe.

This is my desk chair in the master bedroom. I love it. But not the frou frouness of it all. This will also be redone sometime very soon in a simple solid fabric.

So..I have a lot of reupholstering in the coming months and I don't want to be super neutral and boring but I don't want a a cartoonish look either.
In conclusion, although it may seem like a lot. All my chairs serve a purpose and are well loved and well used. Less isn't always more. Chairs are so verstatile, they can be moved from room to room, they serve more than one purpose and they are so much cheaper to redo than the big pieces.. ◦


Shelley said...

Glad to see you back!

Haydee said...

SHELLEY! You won my little giveaway please email me at geidytau (at)

Thanks for coming back..

Super B said...

Love them all. You know that. I would love to get some chairs to put in my place...and when we get a place I will need your help decorating!! I have a bunch of ideas and just can't get them done. I love the chairs. I love the ideas. I think those channel back chairs would look great in the blue and white. Or that magenta color! You are the best.

Michelle (Three Men and a Lady) said...

I'm so excited to see what you do with them. Love your sample fabrics that you're toying with.