Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy New Year..

Image by Paul Costello

And more importantly..happy new century. And what will you accomplish in the next 10 years. Here's my list of the top ten highlights of my last ten.

1.Became a Mom--had two kids. Learned I love the way I look pregnant, babies are miraculous, kids are born with their personalities, and most of all that I have a lot of love but little patience. Will improve.

2.Graduated From University of Utah..(exactly 1 month before becoming a mom)

3.Learned to cook, blog, make bread from scratch, sew (poorly), party plan, improvise,jump a car battery, run, and became dare I say it: ew Crafty ew.

4.Moved across the country--made new friends--became a beach bum.

5.Wrote...and got published...or almost...I guess when the magazine is printed it'll be official..cannot wait.

6.Taught English in Middle School and still feel shame and shock to find so many grammatical errors in my writing.

7.Learned to say No. To be honest with myself, and to spend as little time as possible with projects that will not make anyone's life better. Also learned to spend time on projects that make my life better-even if it's only my life they improve..because that's ok too. Still learning all this..

8..Learned (and still practicing) the art of gratitude and forgiveness.

9. Learned that what I love most of all are: motherhood, books, NYC, Spring & Summer, A good workout, a good movie, good food, family & friends, the ocean and music... and that what I hate the most is the LSAT.

10.Celebrated a 10 year wedding anniversary and turned 30..that seems crazy doesn't it. I was a child bride.

As for the next 10...still thinking..



Super B said...

You have accomplished some great things. I should write down a list too. What a good idea. We did some of the same things. All the cooking and crafting stuff! You are great. Good luck and blessings for the next 10 years!!

Margie said...

You're doing awesome! I'm sure the next 10 will bring many new adventures and happy memories.

Haydee said...

Becca..thanks. After I posted it I wondered if it seemed like I was tooting my own horn or something..not so my friend..but you know it is good to focus on where were doing well as opposed to where were lacking..because let me tell you my friend that would be a long list.

Margie..thanks you always have such sweet things to say..I hope so for me and for you. : )