Monday, July 28, 2008

Work Spaces

I've been thinking about work spaces lately. For a while I thought when I move I can't live without a playroom, for the thousands of toys that end up everywhere. But now that I've added sewing to my blogging, reading, writing and general creating, I've realized I make a much bigger mess than my kids do. Here are a few of my favorite work spaces.
This was Drew Barrymore's business partner's office. My favorite thing, which isn't in the picture, was the red painted french looking hutch. Ever since then, I've been looking for an old china cabinet with glass front doors to paint red. I would fill it with pretty boxes for office supplies.

I LOVED this feature in Domino back in Oct 2007. The hanley sister's apartments. Domino only has one pic online (the red livingroom). I loved this bedroom.

This one is very casual, very cool.


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